Super Mario Kart Cake

This is {superb~great}. It must have taken hours and hours of pain-staking work. It looks severely top heavy and I would have been so scared about {knocking the cake over~destroying the cake}.

They must have done hours and hours of research , or that is what they said to their partner!

There is so much detail in the cake that the few pictures of it don’t do it justice. I am left wondering about how the cut cake at the end of the day? or did people just ask if they could have a {star~}?

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5 Responses to “Super Mario Kart Cake”

  1. Marieke says:


    Het is echt een wondermooie cake.
    Mario en Peach die trouwen is ook echt geweldig !
    Hoe maak je deze cake ?



  2. Bonnie says:

    Who made this cake?

  3. jaden says:

    where can i get one

  4. Riley Cooper says:

    i used to play Mario Kart a lot last year but suddenly lost interest coz i got busy*;:

  5. Donald Young says:

    If this was my wedding cake, it must not be eaten – no way! I might maybe come up with smaller versions, cupcake size to be distributed to the guests but not the main cake. Na-ah!

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