Pacman Cake

This is a really cool cake; simple but really neat. I have seen smaller cupcake designs before, but nothing which required this many cupcakes and so large. I suppose the neat thing is that if you wanted then you could move the pacman and the ghosts around. I would fear my daughter eating a cupcake, […]

Super Mario Kart Cake

This wedding cake is {superb~great}. It must have taken hours and hours of pain-staking work. It looks severely top heavy and I would have been so scared about {knocking the cake over~destroying the cake}. They must have done hours and hours of research playing the game, or that is what they said to their partner! […]

Super Mario Cake

This Super Mario cake is just awesome. It must have taken several hours of {dedication~hard work} to produce such a great cake and whoever made it knew a lot about the game, Super Mario because they modelled so much detail from the game into the cake such as the mushrooms and the bad guys. I […]